Special Ed Teachers

    Hi all,I'm coming to Hawaii this summer and will probably be
    working with the ARLISE program for Special Ed licensure (my
    licensure from Florida won't transfer as I never did student
    teaching, unfortunately, even though I have 2 years of
    teaching experience).

    Can any Special Ed teachers tell me what to expect? I'll be
    doing mild/moderate or learning disabilities probably,
    although I don't know where I will be teaching yet or at
    what grade level. I've taught at the high school level in
    Florida and Virginia.

    I'd love to know things like class sizes, what the students
    and parents are like, etc.

    My husband is already in Hawaii (he's at UH working on his
    doctorate) and I spent three months in Honolulu, where we
    will be living, so I have a general idea of what to expect
    at least on the "living there" side. Now I'm just wondering
    what working there will be like!