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hi, i am planning to apply as a substitute teacher here in honolulu but for now i am waiting for my employment authorize document and have to attend classes. i am a graduate of bachelor's teacher degree in philippines. can anyone help me how to apply further? thanks

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Pamela Kennedy You must be trying to get on with the San Francisco Unified School District! I finally did get hired on with them in May, got one day of work the last week of school before summer school, and since then, NOTHING. They claimed there are 200 absences a day, they have 15 high schools and 15 middle schools alone, you could work every day if you needed ...See More
Sep 18, 2008
Tara So now I am really worried! I am an actress and I am in the process of becoming a substitute teacher b/c I thought that it pays well (compared to my now minimum wage job-yay college degree!) and is very flexible with me going on auditions and all. But after reading these threads, I'm not so sure! Is there anyone who has had a positive experience or...See More
Sep 30, 2008
K teacher I teach Kindergarten and I can say this about all the schools I have worked at. It is important to talk to the office staff and get along with them. If they don't like you, you will be cut off of the preferred sub list. As teachers, we cannot call in subs that the office does not like or we will hear about it for the rest of the year. At my school ...See More
Oct 19, 2008
unemployed Thank you for your advice, I am very aware of this. I have taught for many, many years and would use my own preferred subs from my schools list. This is customary almost everywhere!!!!!! The point I am making is that no one will acknowledge you here if you are not native! Some schools have a preference of using only locals for jobs .They want you t...See More
Oct 22, 2008
K teacher Hmm, I work on a military base so I do not really come across that problem. In fact, most of the subs at our schools are military wives. I would advise "non-local" teachers to maybe apply for sub positions at schools on and around military bases. I know it is hard to get on my base, but Pearl Harbor El. Pearl Harbor Kai El., Nimitz El. are all very...See More
Nov 21, 2008

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