Re: Adopt a soldier..pen-pal..troops to our troops
hailee dillingham

    On 3/21/05, Danielle wrote:
    > On 9/12/02, Pat wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> Why not sanil mail a sericemen? I am a member of FAM
    >> (Families Attached to Military). We are engaged in an
    >> adopt a Servicemen Project. If interesed, Please email
    > for
    >> details. Or visit our website where we have set up a page
    >> called School House just for teachers and students. Click
    >> on fam projects...and you'll see it. God Bless You and
    > God
    >> Bless Our Troops.
    >> Pat
    > I would love to help and have a friend in the militay. I
    > love to support the troops and befriend someone that needs a
    > friends to talk hailee and im 13 years old i would love to have a penpal in
    the military.please tell me if im aloud to because i dont know
    if i am(kinowing im so young)thank you