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My name is Greg Ramsier and I am the program director for
the McDonald's Peeler Program here in KY. We have a program
that I think you will be interested in. We have a
"buy one get one free card" that is good for about $90.00
worth of
FREE food. We have got a ton of cards and my boss has told
to get my butt in gear and start moving them. So here's
the deal I'm
going to make you.

1. The card sells for $10.00 and is worth over $90.00.
2. You get to keep $4.00 of every card you sell.
3. I'll send you as many cards as you need NO COST!
4. You can sell for 2 weeks.
5. When your done just send me a check for the difference
and the
cards you have left over.

That's it. No investment on your part. I think you
will have to admit
it's pretty hard to beat this deal. Try it for two weeks
and when your
done send me what you have left. This is the easiest thing
you can <...See More

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