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Fellow Educators,

The Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team continues its
quest to promote peace and goodwill in our global world
bringing great resourceful AFS students and teachers to our
area. Please, encourage your students, faculty, friends
and neighbors to open their hearts and homes to AFS
exchange students and teachers for the fall. When you
believe that a student can profit from going on an AFS
exchange, do what you can to inspire him/her to follow
his/her adventuresome spirit. Limited places are available
for summer and next fall for students and teachers wishing
to go on AFS exchanges. New bios are arriving for the fall
and wish lists are being sent into the Portland office to
insure that famlies get students that will be very
successful in their communities, schools and families.
Families do not have to have children in the home to host
Teachers coming into your school system will b...See More

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