Several AFSers still need placement for the Fall (CALL TODAY
Barbara Y. Wills

    Fellow Educators,The Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team needs your
    assistance in placing the rest of our 2004-05 quota of
    exchange students for the fall. Those that still need
    placement are from: Ghana, Belgium, Latvia, Indonesia,
    Japan and Belgium. You may view them by going to and clicking on hosting information.
    You will use ( and please) as the ID and password.
    Many of these students need placements before June 1st in
    order to get their visas in time to be here to start school
    in the fall with our students. As you are probably aware
    the students in our area begin much sooner than to those in
    other parts of the USA. Contact 1-800-AFS-INFO for more
    details and an application.

    If you, your friends, relatives, students, or parents want
    to help promote world wide peace and goodwill and REALLY
    make a difference this is a great way to do it. Spread the
    word to those you fell would be willing to open their
    hearts and homes to a student and/or teacher for the next
    school year. AFS Intercultural Programs has been hosting
    and sending folks for 55 years and cooperates with 50
    countries. (

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, NCC, LPC
    Professional Counselor MNPS/HLHS
    Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team Volunteer

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