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I am a teacher in California, born and raised in Southern
California, but my husband was born and raised in KY. We
have some land in KY and may eventually relocate there. I
check in on these chatboards every now and then to see if I
can learn anything about the teaching conditions, but there
seems to be very few posts. Is there another chat location
to surf? I'm interested in what the job situations are,
conditions, .... Thanks.
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TO if you quit teaching 4th grade..what r u doinNOW /blockquote>


On 7/23/04, db77 wrote:
> I completely agree with Tom. I moved here from the Midwest
> three years ago and wound up working in the public schools of
> Louisville, KY. The first school I worked at had 93&37; poverty
> rate. T...See More
Jul 23, 2004
in Kentucky in five paragraphs! by Too old to quit now /blockquote>

I completely agree with both Tom and db77. Teaching in KY is
horrible. Teachers are buying time to retire early because it's so
bad. Many teachers are just quitting after teaching only two or
three years. We've had five new teachers quit teaching at our
school within the last two years. Several have gone to ...See More
Jul 23, 2004
1234 /blockquote>

On one teaching job site there is a county in northern KY
that has posted vacancies in my subject for a couple of
years, which is probably not a good sign. However, I looked
at its demographics and they are very exicting to me, as I
have lived only among "diverse" populations and have had
little success ...See More
Aug 7, 2004
Ima Teacher /blockquote>

I've been teaching in Kentucky for 12 years. I've taught
English/language arts in grades 12, 8, and 7, which all
included writing portfolios, on-demand writing tests, and/or
reading tests.

I'm in the eastern part of the state, and we have a large
number of children living below the poverty level. Y...See More
Aug 17, 2004
KY Teacher /blockquote>

I haven't taught or been in every school in Kentucky, but the
schools in Ohio County are wonderful. We have beautiful
buildings, excellent administrators, and students who try.
Yes, our poverty level is high but most parents and children
do their best to support and cooperate with the teachers.
We, teacher...See More
Sep 22, 2004

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