Re: Teaching in KY. . . not THAT bad--more inside.
Ima Teacher

    I've been teaching in Kentucky for 12 years. I've taught
    English/language arts in grades 12, 8, and 7, which all
    included writing portfolios, on-demand writing tests, and/or
    reading tests. I'm in the eastern part of the state, and we have a large
    number of children living below the poverty level. Yes, we do
    have problems with hostile parents, apathetic children, and
    unrealistic testing goals that place responsibility primarily
    on teachers, not on students & parents.

    BUT. . .

    I'm not sure that we have it any worse that some other
    places. I've talked with teachers from other states, and a
    few other countries, who all face major issues with teaching.
    They may not be the SAME issues, but they're similar.

    Sure, there are days when I'd just like to pack it up and go
    home for good. . . usually in April when the portfolios are
    coming due/testing is around the corner & we've missed 20 days
    of instructional time for snow.

    I like my KY teaching job, warts & all.

    On 8/07/04, 1234 wrote:
    > On one teaching job site there is a county in northern KY
    > that has posted vacancies in my subject for a couple of
    > years, which is probably not a good sign. However, I looked
    > at its demographics and they are very exicting to me, as I
    > have lived only among "diverse" populations and have had
    > little success in poor, minority-dominated school districts.
    > Are the disrespect and parent problem and weak
    > about as bad all over KY? I am in desperate need of a job.