Suggestions Please :)

    Hello everybody,I thought this discussion board would be a great place to
    talk to fellow educators and parents about a site that a
    bunch of educators such as me and my fellow colleagues have
    set up.

    We need suggestions for fellow educators and parents on
    building this "Open Content and Resource" community that we
    have recently developed. Our goal is to basically make
    education available to everyone around the globe.

    Our aim through Zymbian is to create a community where
    educators, students and parents can find articles and
    resources and also guidance from fellow educators.

    Also, we started the ZOCOL (Zymbian Open COntent Library)
    with an intention of providing content in the form of
    entire courses or reference articles to teachers. This is
    an area where we need your help. We need some guidance in
    terms of "Wish -List" and also contributors who will be
    willing to contribute course-ware which, will be made
    available globally through a digital repository.

    The content (Course-ware) will be made available in SCORM
    and IMS formats and also in our day-to-day formats such as
    Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF or simple text.

    The idea is to make course-ware available to educators all
    over the globe for free. The concept is to provide
    Education for Everyone for FREE.

    So we welcome your suggestions as well as your
    participation as content (course-ware) contributors.

    We also incorporated the "Open Content" community so that
    it could grow in an organized manner and could be
    simultaneously funded for further development.

    You can visit our site online at
    We would really appreciate feedback from you :)