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Hello everybody,

I thought this discussion board would be a great place to
talk to fellow educators and parents about a site that a
bunch of educators such as me and my fellow colleagues have
set up.

We need suggestions for fellow educators and parents on
building this "Open Content and Resource" community that we
have recently developed. Our goal is to basically make
education available to everyone around the globe.

Our aim through Zymbian is to create a community where
educators, students and parents can find articles and
resources and also guidance from fellow educators.

Also, we started the ZOCOL (Zymbian Open COntent Library)
with an intention of providing content in the form of
entire courses or reference articles to teachers. This is
an area where we need your help. We need some guidance in
terms of "Wish -List" and also contributors who will be
willing to contribute ...See More

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