Re: That wasn't my post! Someone's using my name!!!
Please stop! Signed: The REAL Ima Teacher.

    The following post was NOT mine. Someone was using my name.
    I was out of town on that day.On 9/17/04, Ima Teacher wrote:
    > Our state has a law that makes it illegal for any state
    > employee to go on strike. The law came about as a result of
    > a two week teacher's strike in 1970. The law states that
    > state employee who strikes will be fired.
    > You are right. Striking for one day will do nothing. That
    > day will just be added to the end of the school year and
    > there will be no real impact. I hope we don't strike. But,
    > if we are really serious about it, then we need to strike
    > until the health insurance issue is truly resolved.
    > On 9/14/04, Confused wrote:
    >> What good will donating a personal day instead do?