Re: Teaching positions in Lexington?

    On 11/25/04, Rose wrote:
    > I was wondering how difficult it is to get a teaching
    > position in the elementary level for either general or
    > special education? I have been teaching for ten years (nine
    > in special ed. with K-1-2 students with moderate to severe
    > disabilities, and now kindergarten general ed.). My husband
    > is from London KY and I know that is a difficult area to
    > get a job in, so we thought a larger area like Lexington
    > might be possible. I have California teaching credentials
    > in general and special education, but I don't have a
    > Master's Degree. Any information you could share would be
    > appreciated. If we do move to KY it won't be for a year or
    > two, but I wondered what my teaching options might be.
    > Thanks.I have a friend who left California to come home and take
    care of her aging Mom. She took a substantial pay cut and
    has had a very difficult time adjusting to the lack of
    motivation and pace of the teaching expectations here. She
    taught Spanish kids in California. I moved here from Ohio
    and have not found a job in two years as an attorney. Be
    prepared. Its very clickish here and if you have an opinion
    about anything...keep it to yourself or you will be frowned
    upon as "not fitting in". Its very slow here...keep with
    the pace and you will do fine.