Re: Teaching positions in Lexington?

    On 11/09/05, KayeM wrote:
    > On 10/20/05, Goodlawyer wrote:
    >> On 11/25/04, Rose wrote:
    >>> I was wondering how difficult it is to get a teaching
    >>> position in the elementary level for either general or
    >>> special education? I have been teaching for ten years (nine
    >>> in special ed. with K-1-2 students with moderate to severe
    >>> disabilities, and now kindergarten general ed.). My husband
    >>> is from London KY and I know that is a difficult area to
    >>> get a job in, so we thought a larger area like Lexington
    >>> might be possible. I have California teaching credentials
    >>> in general and special education, but I don't have a
    >>> Master's Degree. Any information you could share would be
    >>> appreciated. If we do move to KY it won't be for a year or
    >>> two, but I wondered what my teaching options might be.
    >>> Thanks.
    >> I have a friend who left California to come home and take
    >> care of her aging Mom. She took a substantial pay cut and
    >> has had a very difficult time adjusting to the lack of
    >> motivation and pace of the teaching expectations here. She
    >> taught Spanish kids in California. I moved here from Ohio
    >> and have not found a job in two years as an attorney. Be
    >> prepared. Its very clickish here and if you have an opinion
    >> about anything...keep it to yourself or you will be frowned
    >> upon as "not fitting in". Its very slow here...keep with
    >> the pace and you will do fine.
    > I moved to Lex from another part of the state. I have a MA
    > and 22 yrs experience. I have tried 3 different schools. I
    > too found it horribly "clickish," and never do they want u
    > to "fit in" no matter how hard u try. It is like u are a
    > threat. Be prepared to transfer frequently every year. I
    > have finally found a "Home," but it has taken 4 yrs. Email me
    > if u have more questions. Good luck.I am from ky. and I cannot believe you all have had such a
    negative experience in the schools. I have been a teacher at a
    Catholic school in Lexington for 2 years. We are looking for a
    5th grade teacher and would LOVE to have you. All teachers in Ky.
    are not clickish. I know many from other places that live here
    now and love it. Good luck!