call for abstracts

    CALL FOR ABSTRACTSTHE 2005 JOINT ASSEMBLY, a partnership between AGU, SEG,
    NABS and SPD/AAS, is being held 23--27 May 2005 in New
    Orleans, Louisiana. The Program Committee is developing a
    Union-wide science program that will cover topics in all
    areas of geophysical sciences. With a reputation as one of
    the country's hottest spots for music, food, and nightlife,
    New Orleans is an exciting venue for the Joint Assembly.

    Session Call for Abstracts
    ED06 : An Analysis of the Impact of Education Reform from "A
    Nation at Risk" to "No Child Left Behind" on science education

    Abstract Submission Guidelines.
    $ Full submission guidelines can be found on the AGU Web
    site on the 2005 Joint Assembly page,

    $ It is the responsibility of the author to make certain the
    abstract is received at AGU headquarters by the abstract
    deadline, February 10, 2005. Authors must not rely on
    conveners to submit abstracts on their behalf.

    $ Abstracts must be submitted in English.

    $ Abstracts should be proofread carefully prior to
    submission. No changes or corrections will be made to
    abstracts by AGU Staff, including the order of authors.
    Abstracts received are considered final copy.

    $ Authors must preview electronic abstracts before
    submitting to AGU.

    $ Abstracts submitted by mail can only contain text.
    Graphics or figures may only be included in electronic
    submissions, as part of the URL option.

    $ Abstracts must be accompanied by submission fees. The
    abstract submission fee is nonrefundable, even if the paper
    is later withdrawn.

    $ Abstracts will not be accepted by fax or email. You must
    mail your abstract or submit it electronically through the
    website submission according to the appropriate deadline.

    $ Abstracts can be submitted only when the first author is
    an AGU member in good standing or a nonmember whose abstract
    submission is sponsored by an AGU member in good standing OR
    a member of a co-sponsoring society. The appropriate AGU
    or cosponsor membership number (self or sponsor) must be
    provided with the abstract submission.

    $ Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation
    to present the paper in the mode of presentation and on the
    day and time assigned by the Program Committee. You are NOT
    guaranteed an oral talk, nor are you guaranteed a specific
    day of the week. The Program Committee makes all final
    scheduling decisions. Once scheduled, presentations may not
    be rescheduled.

    $ All accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement
    to Eos. Submission of an abstract for the meeting is
    presumed to carry with it permission for AGU to reproduce
    the abstract in a supplement to Eos, on the CD-ROM, on the
    AGU Web site, in meeting programs, and in reports related to
    the meeting. It is also presumed to permit the free copying
    of the abstract. Although Eos is a copyrighted publication,
    authors are not required to transfer copyrights for
    abstracts submitted to meetings. Copyright, where it exists,
    will be reserved by the authors.

    Deadlines and schedule:
    3 February Postal Mail Abstract Deadline
    10 February Abstract Deadline Electronic Submissions; No
    later than 2359 UT.
    26 March Program Summary Available on AGU Website

    1 April Acceptance letters and session chair letters mailed.

    20 April Pre-Registration Deadline
    Housing deadline
    26 April Abstract volume mails with Eos
    23-27-May Joint Assembly 05 in New Orleans

    Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues
    [faculty, staff, administrators], doctoral students, and
    others, who may have an interest in submitting an abstract
    for the consideration of conference presentation.