AFS Awards of Excellence Nomination Deadline is Dec 7th
Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

    Dear Secondary Educators,Please, be sure that you have sent in your AFS Awards of
    Excellence Scholarship Nomination's applications for your
    adventuresome students that may profit from a summer,
    semester or year in a foreign exchange program by December
    7th. If your counselors did not receive them they are
    available online at and clich on schools
    and teachers. They may be faxed as well as mailed.

    Many of the students last year, that won full or partial
    scholarships, said that they had not thought about going on
    an AFS exchange until one of their teachers or counselors
    approached them about the opportunity. Please, take this
    opportunity and make a difference in several of your
    outstanding students' lives. Other scholarship
    opportunities are also available through AFS Intercultual
    Programs. You may recieve material and applications also
    through calling 1-800-AFS-INFO.

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, LPC, NCC
    Professional Counselor HLHS/MNPS
    Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team Volunteer

schools and teachers