Re: special education SETS

    On 9/19/02, SETS - Bah Humbug! wrote:
    > On 9/19/02, catbird wrote:
    >> Does anyone out there use the SETS program for special
    >> education documentation? If so are you having difficulties
    >> with it?
    > Our entire district (small-2300 students) had the SETS
    > program installed on all sp.ed. teacher workstations last
    > winter. It continues to do nothing for us. One or two of the
    > elementary schools were partially up and running with SETS
    > late last spring; however, at our high school, no one has
    > entered the data for the special ed. students. I continue to
    > write IEP's using the IEP template downloaded from KDE. I
    > find the IEP template user-friendly. Following a 3-hour SETS
    > training session last May, I was absolutely confused by the
    > entire set-up. I'm comfortable with most computer programs
    > and find them fairly easy to master after playing around with
    > them independently for a few days. SETS seemed to be
    > unfriendly. I was issued a different PC workstation this
    > year; therefore, SETS is not even installed on my classroom
    > computer. STI has not been very reliable for us either. I'm
    > not sure if the problem is with the STI program or with our
    > DTC's inability to get it right. We can't even post
    > attendance on STI. Forget about posting grades on STI. We
    > must calculate our grades manually and then give them to the
    > school secretary who then enters them into the STI program. Thank-you for the response! We had it istalled at the start
    of this school year and for me it has been an unmitigated
    nightmare. I know how to use the program if the program
    First it wasn't installed on my computer. Then it was but
    our bldg tech person didn't know how to activate it. She
    called the school system's tech coordinator who told her it was
    a special ed deal to call the special ed director. The sp. ed
    director told her to call the tech coordinator. Finally it was
    activated a month later.
    I attempt to use it for an IEP only to have numerous
    problems. A couple of weeks ago I get a scathing email from my
    principal wanting to know why my IEPs were out of compliance as
    the sp ed director had alerted her because there was a big red
    mark by my name as being out of compliance at the state
    department level. I was told that if I needed more training
    that it would be provided.
    Please let me continue. This is theraputic Every step of the
    way I filled out the paper work, notified the appropiate people
    about all of the glitches and attempted to work on the SETs
    several times a week. One day I had 22 interruptions in my
    classroom to look at my 5 to 7 year old computer maybe I was
    lying about all the problems.
    Well I received a new old monitor because the original
    monitor's screen was too small, even with adjustments, to show
    an entire SETs page which meant I didn't have access to all the
    icons. That monitor froze, flickered, flashed, so I received
    another new old monitor 2 weeks later guess what it does?
    So almost 2 months into this program and it still isn't
    accessible to me yet I am being scrutinized in my use of it. I
    am computer savy also, I up load, down load, install, create,
    help my son repair and troubleshoot. I hate this program!