Re: Catbird-this one's for you

    On 9/22/02, Bluegrass Educator wrote:
    > Enjoyed your SETS descriptive narrative. BUT, one thing you
    > mentioned scared me. You mentioned that KDE, or someone at the
    > state level, tagged your IEP's as being out of compliance. So,
    > does this mean that when an IEP is generated using SETS, that it
    > immediately is logged into the KDE computers for someone with the
    > Division of Exceptional Children to read? I'd love to hear more
    > about that. Are you in a high school, middle school, or
    > elementary? I am in a high school.
    Dear Bluegrass Educator,
    That is the "beauty" of this SETS system. As soon as the
    first piece of information is logged into the system the Division
    of Exceptional Children receive the same information and have
    access to everything in the online due process folder! Each month
    your little name as case manager pops up at DEC with red markers by
    the areas in which you are out of compliance. Each month your
    special ed. director is notified of the compliance of the folders
    in her system by case manager name, she in turn notifies your
    principal and you. Lovely isn't it?
    I have little red marks all over the place as in attempting to
    utilize the program it was discovered that there were numerous
    technological problems with this program thus preventing me from
    completing any of the due process online. Now, one also cannot go
    back and revert to the old reliable paper method once this online
    process has been started in order to irradicate the errors.
    Needless to say our STI/SETS was not up and running today.
    I'm in elementary.