Re: H.S. Grade Modifications for Sp.Ed. students/QUESTION?
just so you know

    On 9/22/02, ktc wrote:
    > It is against the law to note on a report card that a grade
    is modified. Something to do with confidentiality. I agree
    with modifying tests and also the weighting of grades as a
    better choice.
    > In the latest IDEA regulations there is an accommodation
    > includes modified grading. We have tried to avoid that as
    > much as possible since students are earning high school
    > credits towaards graduation. It is a legitimate
    > accommodation, by law, but grades on report cards should
    > indicate some notification of non-standard grading. A better
    > choice is to modify tests (supplemented by verbal responses,
    > reduced number of questions, certain kinds of questions to
    > aid retrieval (multiple choice, word banks for essays,
    > Good luck with the dialon between sped and reg ed.
    > k.colvario Walpole Hig, Mass.