Re: H.S. Grade Modifications for Sp.Ed. students/QUESTION?

    On 9/19/02, Bluegrass Educator wrote:
    > In our high school, I have noticed that practically all the
    > modification/accommodation sections on IEP's list this
    > strange modification: If Brenda's grade falls below
    > passing in a regular ed. class, then the grade is
    > multiplied times 1.2! Is this a modification that exists
    > only in KY? I've never seen this particular modification
    > listed on an IEP from another state. It's kind of a one-
    > size-fits-all modification and it definitely is not based
    > on the individual needs, strengths, or weaknesses of a
    > specific student. Anybody out there ever hear of using this
    > 2.3 multiplier?
    In the latest IDEA regulations there is an accommodation that
    includes modified grading. We have tried to avoid that as
    much as possible since students are earning high school
    credits towaards graduation. It is a legitimate
    accommodation, by law, but grades on report cards should
    indicate some notification of non-standard grading. A better
    choice is to modify tests (supplemented by verbal responses,
    reduced number of questions, certain kinds of questions to
    aid retrieval (multiple choice, word banks for essays, etc..
    Good luck with the dialon between sped and reg ed.
    k.colvario Walpole Hig, Mass.