Re: Are there jobs here?

    Thanks again for the info. I know Kentucky resident isn't synonomous to the term
    barefoot bumpkins. I didn't mean that at all. Coming from Detroit, I know the
    attitudes toward education aren't the greatest, so I always ask.
    On 4/24/05, Gina wrote:
    > Bob,
    > Thanks so much for your info. I am glad to hear there are jobs. Do you happen to
    > know what the starting pay would be? Also, how are the benefits, and the attitudes
    > toward education? I don't know much about Kentucky, other than I love driving
    > through it. I'm from Michigan, so I assume that I would be making way less in KY
    > than MI, but there's no jobs in MI and I need a change.
    > Anyway, any more details you could give me about teaching around Louisville
    > would be great.
    > Thanks,
    > G
    > On 4/24/05, Bob wrote:
    >> On 2/22/05, Gina wrote:
    >>> Just wondering what the prospects are for jobs in Kentucky.
    >>> Also, how's about ESL in Kentucky? I have to say I'm not
    >>> sure if there's a need. Please help!
    >> Gina, I put you a link on here that covers most of the
    >> schools both private and public in the Louisville KY area.
    >> Yes, there is a need for ESL teachers in KY. The job market
    >> for teachers in this area is not on fire but pretty good. If
    >> you are certified and willing to teach middle school you can
    >> get hired very easily.
    >> Good luck in your search. Let me know if I can help.
    >> Bob