Re: For Catbird

    On 9/22/02, Bluegrass Educator/aka Teacher w/ Attitude wrote:
    > Think we must read/post to the same boards. I was the
    > Teacher with Attitude (Administrator's Chat) venting about
    > the stupidity of high-stakes testing and special education
    > students. Glad to know that I'm not alone here in Kentucky.WoW, this is great. You are not alone not many of us speak
    out though. It is getting to where you are risking your job
    if you do speak out. The pressure I get to have my students
    do well on testing is unrelenting from the principal. Every
    decision she makes, everything we do is centered around what
    effect it will have on testing period. I really try to be
    above board on writing portfolios but there is one of my
    students that I don't help in this area that is doing
    unbelievabley well on the personal narrative. She has an aid
    and parent who are helping her. She doesn't even know what
    some of the words mean in her piece iq is below 60.

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