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Dear Fellow Educators:

Do something different this year and get out of the box and host an AFS foreign exchange student from one of these countries: China, Italy, Thailand, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Egypt, Switzerland and Germany. To find out more about our AFS Intercultural Programs go to or You may also call 1- 800-AFS-INFO or call a person on the Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team at 615-473-4389. You may also e-mail inquires to

These young folks come with all types of talents including playing many sports and musical instruments. Their medical insurance is taken care of by Global and families may take a $50 charity contribution from their US income tax for each month that they are hosted. It is up in Congress for this to be increased to $200.

Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, NCC, LPC Professional Counselor/MNPS/HLHS

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