Re: benefits for a teacher job sharing??
    in the same boat

    I am in the process of proposing a job share for the same
    reasons. Im my district, the job and benefits are shared
    between the two teachers. There is one opening for collection
    of insurance (neither of us need it so that is not an issue),
    the sick days are split etc.. We are doing a 50/50 share. I
    did work with teachers who did 2 day/3 day share and everythign
    was just based on the percentages worked.

    On 7/14/05, Ima Teacher wrote:
    > We have lots of half-time teachers. Full-time teachers get
    > 10 sick days, they get 5. They do half the required PD
    > days. They get full insurance coverage. Three days a week
    > would be more than half time, wouldn't it? When I worked
    > part time, I got benefits that matched my hours. I worked a
    > 7/10 job one year. I did reduced pay, reduced PD time, and
    > 7 sick days instead of 10.
    > On 7/13/05, Courtney wrote:
    >> Hi! I have been a teacher for 11 years. This coming year
    >> I have decided to go part time, in my same classroom (elem
    >> FMD) so that I can be home with my children more. I will
    >> be working 3 days a week. Any ideas on what I should
    >> receive for benefits? I was told no sick days, no
    >> insurance. Anyone familiar with this situation or that
    >> could tell me where to look it up? Thanks in advance!