Re: Article by the Associated Press
Mike Witham

    I thought I would respond to the article by the Associated
    Press regarding "Book World Laments Lack of Great Fiction"
    tmpl=story&u=/ap/20050817/ap_en_ot/fall_books_2). I would
    like to hope that my novel, Soul of the South, can address
    this lamenting very soon, as my novel is scheduled to be
    released for late 2005/Early 2006. Soul of the South is
    filled with action, romance, and intrigue, as the
    protagonist William Lytham of Mobile, Alabama serves the
    South as a spy in Washington, as a diplomat in England and
    France, and as an officer in the Army of Northern
    Virginia. Lytham is also adamantly against slavery, as he
    makes known to President Lincoln and Confederate President
    Davis. And, of course, there is much romance, as the
    protagonist meets a beautiful woman from Richmond,
    Virginia set against the backdrop of a beautiful woman he
    meets while in France as a Southern diplomat. He ends up
    marrying one of them amidst much acclamation with a
    surprise individual as the best man. In sum, Soul of the
    South will greatly appeal to the American populace, and
    even to the British and French for that matter, as both
    the North and South are portrayed fairly and with respect.
    It is a novel all can cherish. You are more than welcome
    to read a chapter excerpt on my web site at
    Mike Witham