Re: Have you been to the Teacher Retirement Office in Frankf
TS - retired teacher

    You are right. If you have a full benefit (not reduced
    because of lack of years) your monthly retirement pension
    will be very close to your take home pay while teaching.In addition to that good news, I found a fun way to
    supplement my pension. Send me an email and I will be glad
    to share.

    TS - retired teacher

    On 8/19/05, Tom/KY wrote:
    > I am now 4 years and 168 days from retirement! I have
    > always heard that you should start visiting the Teachers'
    > Retirement Office annually when you are five years from
    > retirement. So...two friends and I went to the office
    > this summer. I must say that we had a ball! The
    > counselors were so friendly and helpful that we were very
    > comfortable talking to them. I was absolutely amazed at
    > the amount they projected for my retirement. Even though
    > collegues have told me that their monthly retirement
    > checks were only about $100.00 less than their last
    > month's salary, it was hard to believe. Now, getting my
    > own projected annunity printout has convinced me. Why any
    > teacher would stay longer than 27 years, when the
    > retirement annunity is so good, is beyond me.
    > If you have visited the Teachers' Retirement Office, tell
    > us about your experience.