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We have recently been doing some screen printing for area
schools and sports teams. We have been offering special
pricing to schools to accommodate their new dress codes as
well as to area sports teams. Below you will find prices
on shirts AND printing for a few of the t-shirts and
sweatshirts we do. Of course, we do sweatpants, many
other colors, jackets, caps, etc.- anything you would
expect in a screen print shop around since 1990.

Many people find it handy to print these out and highlight
those items that are useful to them. Then look at what
you’ve been spending. Give Mike or Tim a call at 859-734-
4561 or drop us a line at
[email removed]>-----------------

T-shirt - 6.1oz ultra cotton Gildan (COLORS)

QTY 1-color 2-color 3-color
48 5.94 7.82 9.74
72 5.29 6.56 7.85
144 4.60 5.26 5.95
250 4.33 4.73 5.16
500 4.13 4.35 4.60
750 4.03 4.20 4.39
1000 4.0...See More

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