Help, please!
Texas teacher

    Public education in Texas is in BIG trouble! We have a
    politician in Austin who is from Arlington, and is the
    head of the education committee. His name is Kent
    Grusendorf anf he hates teachers! He blames teachers for
    his son's suicide, and has been punishing teachers since
    he was elected. If he gets re-elected, we will lose our
    continuing contracts. We'll also lose our 22-1 class cap
    for K-3, and our 30-minute duty-free lunch (I never knew
    those existed until I came to Texas!) He supports
    vouchers, which as we all know takes money from public
    education. There is a lady running against him this year
    who has a good chance of defeating him. Her name is Diane
    Patrick. Early voting for this primary election is Feb
    21 - March 3, and the regular election is March 7. We
    have it on good authority that he plans to initiate a
    nasty smear campaign against her just prior to the
    primary. Those of us who care about our children are
    asking that voters who live in District 94 call, write, or
    email their friends and family to ask them to vote for
    Diane Patrick. We're even asking those dyed-in-the-wool,
    straight-Democrat-ticket voters to, JUST THIS ONCE, to
    vote in the primary, vote early, and vote for Diane
    Patrick. If you have friends or family in the Arlington,
    Texas, area please forward this email to them and ask them
    to help us defeat Kent Grusendorf. Thanks, and have a
    great rest-of-the-year!