Re: interested in international teaching
Joy S.

    On 2/13/06, Meghann wrote:
    > I am a 4th year teacher certified in S.S. 5th-12th. I am
    > looking to talk to someone with international teaching
    > experience. I have looked at ISS and search associates and
    > would just like to know a little bit about application
    > process and chances of actually getting placed. Please help!Hi Meghann,
    I worked last fall at a bilingual school in Honduras. I
    came home early due to unethical practices of the
    administration. Wherever you go, find good referrals from
    people that live in the surrounding area who can give you
    objective opinions. Although, sometimes this isn't even enough
    (speaking from experience). Just know that if you fall into
    any litigation issues or issues that are generally resolved
    with teacher's unions, you will be on your own there. And, you
    will have to fight for yourself.
    There are other teachers who have had wonderful
    experiences. So, don't let this deter you from a life changing
    experience that you would regret later on in life. Go for it!

    Contact me if you need more info.