Re: Teaching in KY

    On 10/01/06, Dale wrote:
    > On 9/30/06, Karen wrote:
    >> On 5/25/06, John wrote:
    >>> I am a social studies certified teacher, looking to get
    >>> out of urban teaching, and to live somewhere more laid
    >>> back, rural, and safer. I am considering teaching in
    >>> Kentucky, and I noticed that there are quite a bit of
    >>> positions available throughout the state. Does anybody
    >>> know anything about teaching in the state, which area(s)
    >>> are better to live/teach, and is there really a demand for
    >>> teachers there?
    >>> Thanks!
    >> That's why I left Ky. many years ago!! Politics was bad at
    > the time and I'm certain it's no better now!
    > Board members tried to tell me how to vote and I became
    > extremely angry about that and left Ky.years ago.
    > Now I'm happily retired!
    After teaching in Kentucky for two years in the 70s, I worked
    for the phone company before teaching again in Louisiana and
    then Texas. I am paid so much more than my Kentucky
    counterparts, with safe-guards for free- time lunches and
    planning time mandated by the legislature. I work in new
    buildings with first-rate equipment. Teach in Kentucky again?