Re: Teaching in KY
Ima Teacher

    That was a long time ago. Things are different now. I'm in a
    small, rural area in a "depressed" part of the state . . . even in a
    Title I school . . . and we're in a new building with LOTS of
    technology. I get planning times, duty-free lunch, and insurance.
    I live comfortably on my salary. Can't complain!

    On 4/29/07, Anita wrote:

    > After teaching in Kentucky for two years in the 70s, I worked
    > for the phone company before teaching again in Louisiana and
    > then Texas. I am paid so much more than my Kentucky
    > counterparts, with safe-guards for free- time lunches and
    > planning time mandated by the legislature. I work in new
    > buildings with first-rate equipment. Teach in Kentucky again?