bluegrass educator

    This is my 23rd year as a teacher -- 4th year in KY -- I feel
    that there are too many masters in the individual KY school
    districts -- the principal, the SBDM Council, the Director of
    Special Ed. -- just who's in charge? -- I've never experienced so
    much confusion, so little assistance (yes, even old timers like
    me need assistance in a new school), so few people who know
    answers to my questions, so much b.s. spread so thickly, so
    many 'good old boys and girls' running around trying to look
    important, and so-o-o-o-o little pay for my work, efforts, and
    experience. Yes, it is discouraging, at times; however, I keep
    doing what I know is legal and ethical and despite my not having
    tenure, I still am employed. They tried very hard to get rid of
    me, but they soon learned that it's illegal to hire an
    uncertified person as a special educator when a fully certified
    special educator is available. I think I cost too much money, and
    they'd prefer to have saved money rather than hire a qualified
    person. Perhaps it's just this way in my particular district;
    however, I hear similar horror stories from other KY teachers in
    different regions of the state. I will close by saying that I
    have worked in districts where there was more professionalism.