Re: No jobs in Central Kentucky
Ima Teacher

    We don't have a big turnover here, so jobs don't come up
    often. We had two opening this year, and only THREE
    applicants. We did happen to choose the two applicants we knew . . . not
    because we were doing them any favors, but we knew they'd
    stick around for the long haul. Just about anyone we've
    ever had from "out of town"--more than the next county over--
    have left for a job closer to home in a year or two.

    The third applicant missed his chance because he wasn't
    going to be "around our area" during the times we were
    interviewing but could call us when he was available. Guess
    he didn't want a job that much!

    On 8/23/06, Keley wrote:
    > I have looked and applied high and low. No jobs. All the
    > jobs are gone to those people the Principals want
    > personally.
    > I have tried 6 counties and nothing.