Re: Kentucky Alternate Portfolio

    My name is Carrie Keown and I am working with a pre-symbolic (now
    called progress) 5th grader. There were samples in the state
    materials when they were first released. Later releases did not
    include those.It may help to get with someone who down loaded and
    copied the material when it was first released. My e-mail is I think that that e-mail
    address is right. If not you should be able to click on the "To"
    button after you pull up a new e-mail page and be able to look it
    up in the global adddress book by typing in my last and first
    name. If you e-mail me I don't mind sharing what I have developed
    so far. I could also send the samples from the earlier released
    materials back to you as an attachment.Marigrace, what grade are
    you doing and is it at the attainment or progress level? I am
    almost through with the reading core content statements and am
    beginning on math.On 10/28/06, Nancy wrote:
    > Marigrace I would be happy to show you what Ihave, butsince
    > this brand new, there are no samples. Tell me a way I can get
    > in touch with you, and I'll share. Call your Educational Co-
    > operative person.
    >> Marigrace Cole
    >> I'm not doing high school, but I feel like I could do this
    > if
    >> I could just get a sample from some level from some where.
    >> Can you help me?