Re: Kentucky Alternate Portfolio

    I will be glad to send my material to anyone that is doing high school
    alternate portfolio. My students are higher functioning but the material
    could be modified using writing with symbols.
    On 1/04/07, Danielle Rice wrote:
    > Hi, Alexis
    > How are you doing. I am working on these portfolios also. I am looking
    > for ideas just like you. Have you found anything really useful yet?
    > On 11/21/06, carrie wrote:
    >> On 11/21/06, Carrie Keown wrote:
    >>> On 11/19/06, Alexis Varney wrote:
    >>>> If you have samples of any of your work I would greatly appreciate
    >>> your sharing the
    >>>> info. Am trying to provide support to my teachers as much as
    >>> possible. Many thanks in
    >>>> advance
    >>> I have 5th grade progress. I have delved into that pretty deeply and
    >>> probably can't help much in any other area. Some of the teacher's
    >>> editions and grade level practice books have the core content listed
    >>> in the table of contents or at least the topic that your core content
    >>> statement covers. For example, the 5th grade Treasures Practice O
    >>> book by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill has "Text Features:Photgraphs and
    >>>" in the table of Contents. Page five is a very good
    >>> page that is easily adapted to use for content standard RD-05-5.0.3.
    >>> I am modifying that particular resource for my student because he is
    >>> at the progress level so I will have to find a way for him to answer
    >>> the question using pictures. I also will cut the picture from the
    >>> worksheet out and enlarged it for my student.If I had an attainment
    >>> student I would think that I might be able to use the worksheet as
    >>> is. I am using this resource as a student work sample for my student.
    >>> Another resource that has been very useful to me is out fifth grade
    >>> health book,Your Health, by Harcourt Brace. Even though I am
    >>> assessing reading and math core content I am often using books from
    >>> other content areas to show that I am teaching "across the curriculum"
    >>> The great thing about our health book is that it gives a main idea
    >>> for each chapter. I am using that feature to teach main idea and
    >>> supporting details (Standard RD-05-3.0.4) to my student. I am using 4
    >>> pictures that represent details that can be arranged to best support
    >>> the main idea.
    >>> For that pre-test and those assessment probes I have developed a
    >>> scoring rubric.
    >>> So, look at the standard and read the intent statement that goes with
    >>> it. Try to find that standard in a grade level text to see how it is
    >>> taught or accessed at grade level and then ask yourself, "How can I
    >>> provide conditions and modify the work to teach and assess my
    >>> student? For documentation save information on or copies of the grade
    >>> level material that you are working from. This shows that you are
    >>> providing access to the grade level curriculum for your special needs
    >>> student.
    >>> Once you have activities and a pre-test worked up for your student go
    >>> back and reread the intent and core content statement. Ask yourself
    >>> if what your student is doing truly assesses the
    >>> measurable/observable skill. If not, stop and look at other
    >>> materials. It is amazing how quickly something that started out as
    >>> one thing is simplified to the point that it no longer truly relates
    >>> back to where you started. The math especially can become a matching
    >>> or a memory skill instead of what you intended to do.
    >>> I hope this helps. This is new for all of us. I am hoping that our
    >>> county will develope a task bank with what individual teachers are
    >>> developing for this year. It won't be so time consuming once we have
    >>> the materials that relate to the assessed items together and
    >>> accessable to each other. I am saving copies of everything that I do
    >>> and I am dating everything.