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Did anyone attend Morehead State University? What did you
think about their education programs?
I went there! /blockquote>

I went to MSU because all of my friends went to EKU. I knew
if I went with them I wouldn't study as much as I should.
MSU was alright but that was 27 years ago. I can't really
tell you anything about it now. I know that I have made the
same amount of money as a friend of mine I teach with who
graduated f...See More
Nov 26, 2006
shimei /blockquote>

Kentucky acesses the teacher preparation programs and grades
them. Here's a state rank (the numbers are the result of passing
rate on the praxis and a few other things)...they really sound
right to me. They confirm what I've always felt. Morehead is ok,
but the other programs are better. Morehead ranks on the bo...See More
Jan 22, 2007
shimei /blockquote>

Inspite of the low rank it is still one of the most affordable
schools in the nation(that's why I went there)). This is where
morehead is good. Like the other morehead grad mentioned why go to
transy or georgetown and pay 20.000 a year when you can go to
morehead and get a free ride if you are a have way descent...See More
Jan 22, 2007

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