Re: Alternate portfolio

    On 11/21/06, Nancy wrote:
    > Dear Carrie, The chat room sometimes gets a little dicey,
    > but it's a place where you can vent, like a teacher's
    > lounge. I feel that the Ky special ed teachers, need to
    > stick otgether. This alt. portfolio is a doozey this time.
    > No one knows what they are doing. Please don't give up.
    > There are snerts, but they are monitored. I have samples
    > to share. I need your help. Please don't give up!!!
    Hi there, just found this site. I am working on 5th
    attainment and 4th progress. Since it was suggested that the
    studnets have an answer choice of three. that't what I did
    for all answers. 5th grade I tried to use the same reading
    text for that section, using writing with symbols text and
    when a picture was needed I clicked the symbol icon to
    insert it where was needed. Math we used money skills,
    basic ID and counting sets. word problem such as," I have
    five pennies and want to buy an apple for 6 cents. my
    student is working on more/less, he has to figure it out.
    my 4th grader is very low functioning. Science I made three
    piece puzzles from plant pictures, and animals. using them
    as much as I could with function. I related the needs for
    them food ,water, warmth. I hope this might help you get