Re: Moving to KY from Texas
Ima Teacher

    I'm teaching in a small town, and I started out teaching high
    school English. We don't have very much turnover AT ALL around
    here. Rarely do we have anyone who leaves after a couple of
    years, and they're typically all people who aren't from around
    here. (We're rural and high poverty, which isn't exactly
    everyone's preference.) Here's a sample of the job market for English here. In 1993 I
    subbed and took two long-term positions for English teachers on
    medical leaves. The following year I was hired as a half-time
    English teacher. The next year the position was gone, but I
    told them I was interested in another position when one became
    available. It was 2004 before another job opened. (I turned it
    down because I'd decided I liked my middle school position.)

    On 4/04/07, Dana wrote:
    > I prefer a small town and hills.