Limited spaces for AFS summer programs & hosts for fall ;
Dr. Wills

    Dear Fellow Educators,First, I want you to be aware that there are still places
    for students to go this summer, but in a limited number of
    countries. They need to act immediately. They are Paraguay
    (soccer and home stay), Panama, Turkey, Costa Rica and
    Thailand. These are with community service and home stays.
    They may go to to view these programs and
    to make application on line. They may call 1-800-info
    and/or contact Becky Heywood (sending coordinator) at or call 615-473-4389.

    This is AFS host family finding time for the Miss Tennky
    Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team. New bios are arriving
    every week. One may make an application online at and find out more about our hosting
    programs. To be sure which students still need placements
    call Jenny Myers at 615-385-9644 or e-mail her at

    This is the 60th Anniversary of successfully sending and
    hosting teachers and students. AFS is the leading exchange
    program in the world.

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills
    Miss Tennky Area Volunteer Leadership Team
    SERC Representative
    AFS Global Educator Thailand 2000
    Host Mom to 11 AFSers
    Retired Professional Counselor from Metro Nashville

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