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I would like to share a pronunciation program that is co-
branded by ETS and the Chauncey Group. It is the only one
I can find on the net that is something worth looking at.
It is a multi-media program that improves pronunciation
skills for students and professionals at the intermediate
level and above. This program provides a unique focus on
how to
identify and use the most important elements of
pronunciation -
It has over 68 interactive lessons & practices - All on
one CD-ROM with ten different languages - German, French,
Italian, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional,
Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Portugese - Brazil, Spanish.
It has video Presentations to introduce the concepts,
audio Lessons to model the pronunciation, written
activities to reinforce the practices, Record and
Playback options for practice/self correction. It has a
workbook...See More

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