Re: Relocation
Ima Teacher

    I don't know about Louisville, but I have some friends who
    live in Lexington, which would probably be pretty close in
    amount. One pays $750 a month for a two bedroom apartment in a decent
    part of town. She has two roommates. The other pays $950 for
    a two bedroom apartment in a nicer, newer area. It's just she
    and her husband there. I have no idea about their utilities.
    I'm about 45 miles from Lexington, and our phone, cable, gas,
    water/sewer, electric, and trash pickup runs about $350 a
    month. I'm in a rural area, and I know that we pay less than
    most places. (My house payment is more than $100 less than
    the friend with two roommates.)

    I did have friends in Louisville years ago. They both worked
    IN Louisville, but they had an apartment just outside the
    metro area, and it was much less expensive.