Looking for a Kentucky Representative for postcard exchange

    I joined a postcard exchange and we are still short a few
    states. If you are interested, here is the explanation
    from the project leader and a URL to her site for more
    I'm setting up a USA Postcard Exchange for the 2002-03
    school year. If interested you may email me or sign up

    The project is a mailing list of one classroom from each
    state. I will send out the list via snail mail in late
    August. The list will be typed on mailing labels so you can
    conveniently attach them to the postcards.

    If you choose to participate, you would need to get 50
    picture postcards with pictures that represent your state,
    write them, and mail them out during our designated time (a
    2 month period). This is a one time mailing and not many
    mailings throughout the year, as some others are set up.

    I need to charge $2 for mailing labels, envelopes, and
    postage. >>

exchange link

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