Re: mid-career change to teaching -- how do I begin?

    Hi, Rick,
    I was a corporate trainer and made a mid-life change to
    teaching. It was the best move I ever made. Contact a
    university close to you. There are a lot of people changing
    careers and moving to education. You may not have to have as
    many college hours as you think in order to be certified.
    Good luck!
    SusanOn 11/01/02, Rick W. wrote:
    > Hello, All,
    > I am currently employed as the Training Director and AVP of
    > an internet security company but have become very
    > interested in changing careers to teaching Middle School or
    > High School computer science classes. I love the training
    > aspects of my job, but I don't care much for the business
    > end of it all and the constant need to make profit. I am
    > much more interested in the successful skill and knowledge
    > transfer that goes on in the classroom.
    > I am looking to find out how to make this career transition
    > happen and I thought this forum would be a good place to
    > start asking questions. Can anyone offer suggestions or
    > resource I can turn to to get started?