Re: mid-career change to teaching -- BEWARE
S. Richard

    Beware the loss of your social security benefits at retirement if
    you retire from a school that does not hold out social security.
    You will be hit by the GPO andd WEP social security laws.On 2/06/03, Robin wrote:
    > On 11/17/02, Susan wrote:
    >> Hi, Rick,
    >> I was a corporate trainer and made a mid-life change to
    >> teaching. It was the best move I ever made. Contact a
    >> university close to you. There are a lot of people changing
    >> careers and moving to education. You may not have to have as
    >> many college hours as you think in order to be certified.
    >> Good luck!
    >> Susan
    >> On 11/01/02, Rick W. wrote:
    >>> Hello, All,
    >>> I am currently employed as the Training Director and AVP of
    >>> an internet security company but have become very
    >>> interested in changing careers to teaching Middle School or
    >>> High School computer science classes. I love the training
    >>> aspects of my job, but I don't care much for the business
    >>> end of it all and the constant need to make profit. I am
    >>> much more interested in the successful skill and knowledge
    >>> transfer that goes on in the classroom.
    >>> I am looking to find out how to make this career transition
    >>> happen and I thought this forum would be a good place to
    >>> start asking questions. Can anyone offer suggestions or
    >>> resource I can turn to to get started?