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Jeanne Buesser


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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Jeanne Buesser. I am the founder of a non
    profit support group for parents and professionals of
    children and adults with apraxia, in Bergen County, NJ
    *USA.. I was just interview by by the
    Rose Moore Show archives 8/26/06 and 9/2/06 with Lisa
    Geng. My article was published in Exceptional Parent
    Magazine Feb 2002 Issue.

    We outreach worldwide by giving support and resources to
    all who are looking for help. Please let your members know
    about this organization which also has an email
    professional list as well as a digest.

    We have many articles on Apraxia which we distribute at
    our meetings. I am enclosing also our newsletter.

    Another great online resource is speechville,com and another nonprofit also . Both of these
    organizations have professionals and parents on their
    digests also and their boards.

    A wonderful resource book for professionals and parents is
    called " The Late Talker, What to do If Your Child Isn't
    Talking Yet" by Lisa Geng and Dr Marilyn Agin. It can be
    gotten online or at any bookstore, or it is also at the
    United Nations Book Store, in New York City.NY.

    Lisa Geng is the president of the Cherab Foundation, the
    letters mean (Children help education research Apraxia

    Dr Agin is the medical director for Early Intervention for
    NYC and a former speech and language pathologist.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me
    at my email. Anyone is free to join including

    Please also ask your members to also ask their clients
    about when seeing very young children if they have had
    their eyes, ears, checked and it they have a concern with
    their child's speech development.

    The papers on development in many pediatric offices relate
    to their growth also but not many refer to speech
    development questions. Early Intervention has been around
    for 45 years but not many people know about it.

    Thank you,

    Jeanne Buesser

    Founder/President, Apraxia Network of Bergen County