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I need some advice. I have my teaching certifcate from
Canada and I just recently got married to a soldier. We'e
stationed at Fort Campbell, here in Christian County and I
am desperate to know what the job market is like here. I
mean, I don't know if it's worth it for me to go through
all the tests, transcript evaluation, etc. if we will be
moving again in a couple of years. Will I even be able to
obtain a position or get called to sub daily? I know that
any experience is great but I'm just very confused b/c I
know that we are not planning on staying here when my
husband gets out and I will have to go through the same
process again wherever we end up moving to. I'd
appreciate any advice and thoughts.
byw /blockquote>

It will be worth it in the end. I am speaking from
experience. I have lived all over Africa and in many
states. Call me if you like and me can talk about it.
Keeping up to date is very important and much easier than
playing catch up.

Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

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Nov 6, 2007

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