Scholarships for abroad study if near a Cargill facility
Barbara Y. Wills

    Do You Live Within 50 Miles of a Cargill Facility?
    By: Erin Dysart/UOR/USA/AFSIP Posted: 11/02/2007Greetings from the AFS Admissions Office in Portland! As
    you may be aware, we are now a mere month away from the
    Cargill scholarship nomination deadline (December 4th).
    And we are looking for more nominees!!!

    The nomination process is as simple as 1-2-3. Students can
    nominate themselves or, better yet, you could nominate a
    special student! Simply go to the Cargill page on the AFS-
    USA website and then click "Apply for this Scholarship"
    (on the right side of the screen.) The nomination form is
    simple, straight-forward, and a breeze to fill-out.

    For nominees to be considered for a scholarship, they
    live within 50 miles of a Cargill facility.
    have a record of academic achievement (3.0 and above).
    be between the ages of 15 and 18 at the time of departure.
    demonstrate leadership and community service experience.
    have a strong passion for learning about other cultures.
    be interested in a year or semester program (departing
    summer/fall 2008) in either Latin America or Asia.

    We are privileged to be able to join with Cargill in
    fostering knowledgeable and compassionate leaders for
    tomorrow's global society. Please check-out the attached
    list of cities to see if you live within 50 miles of a
    Cargill community!

    15 scholarships will be awarded to US participants. The
    base award is $1,500 and may be increased based on
    demonstrated financial need.

    For Cargill program information and questions about
    recruiting and selection, please contact, Marilyn Stotts
    in the New York office: 800-876-2376 x 1196 or

    For questions about specific nominations and applications,
    please contact Stacy Coleman in the Portland office: 800-
    237-4636 x1532 or