Re: Teaching Job in Kentucky
Pulaski County teacher

    On 3/07/08, Northern Grad wrote:
    > I just have attended a Michigan job fair and spoke to
    > several representatives from Kentucky. Of course they each
    > make their district sound the best, if its not higher pay
    > cheaper cost of living, or better benefits. I am looking
    > into the Louisville area especially, anyone from there? Its
    > hard to make a decision on which to pursue, i am just
    > looking for some
    > insight into what districts you all believe to be the best
    > for a starting out teacher moving in from Michigan. I am a
    > secondary Geography major with minors in Earth/Space
    > and Biology. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.I am a transplanted teacher to Kentucky. I was just given a
    pink slip after 4 years because the new basketball coach can
    only teach P.E and those positions were taken so my
    principal decided he could teach Arts and Humanities and
    Drama. Although all my observations were excellent/
    certified, and I have 15 years teaching experience If you
    want job security in in the teaching profssion in Kentucky
    make sure you coach.