Re: Any Jobs in Louisville?

    On 7/25/08, Stephanie wrote:
    > On 7/16/08, Andrew wrote:
    >> I see on the Jefferson County web site that there are
    >> currently plenty of jobs in Louisville but I would like to
    >> know first hand. My experience has shown me that you can't
    >> always trust what you see on the sites and what the
    >> recruiters tell you. I currently teach high school in
    >> California and have a good job but I'm looking for a place
    >> to work and live that is more affordable. Any information
    >> is greatly appreciated.
    > I am a teacher here in Louisville. I believe it is a great
    > place to live and work. Jefferson County Public Schools is
    > always looking for teachers, especially males. Check out
    > the school system website at
    > Louisville was just rated number 1 in the country to live.
    > I've been to California a few times and Louisville is
    > waaaaaay cheaper to live. Hope this helps!

    Stephanie. Thank you for the response. Yes, this helps a lot.
    My wife has relatives in Louisville and we are considering a move
    from California to Louisville because of the cost of living in
    California. My wife likes the Clifton area (she took a drive
    through on a recent trip), what is you opinion of it? As far as
    the high schools, I understand Louisville hires teachers and then
    places them where the need is greatest. Do I need to be concerned
    about my safety while on the job in the inner city schools? Mind
    you, I am a city person and have been around mildly "exciting"
    situations before, but I'm just trying to get an idea of how the
    schools match up in Louisville to Chicago?