Attention teachers near Nashville
    jenny myers

    The Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team still
    need full year homes for students.. the most "critical" is
    for Omer from Turkey and Andra from Indonesia. Both are
    really good kids! They are both interesting, helpful
    around the house (both cook), good students, and well
    mannered kids! Please ask around. We would like to keep
    them in the schools they are in already, but don't let that
    limit you. We can have them change schools if need be. They
    may be in any private or public schools in southern KY or
    near Nashville for special meetings as they are scholarship
    students. Keep in mind that one does not have to have
    siblings and single, widowed and retired folks make great
    host parents. We have had many great situations were the
    host sibling attended a private school and the AFSer
    attended public school. In these cases, the AFSers said
    he/she has an opportunity to meet more folks while here.

    Andra (Male from Indonesia)

    Andra attends Hillwood High School. He is on the cross
    country team and likes to write. He helps his host family
    with cooking. The host mom in his current family is
    leaving for Zambia in the middle of October... so we need a
    new family for him very soon.

    In Indonesia, Andra was very active in youth organizations
    vocal about social problems and awareness. He strongly
    believes in working to create a better world for today's
    youth. He also likes to write and participates in the
    production of his school newspaper. His favorite subject
    in school is biology and in the future would like to be a
    child psycologist. He looks up to his father as a role
    model and likes to help around the house by washing dishes,
    washing the car and helping his mother cook. Andra has been
    recognized several times by various organizations for the
    work he does as an advocate for child welfare. Andra can
    live with pets and doesn't smoke

    Omer (male from Turkey)

    Omer is 17. He is mature for his age (at least it seems so
    to me). Omer likes sports and will be on the soccer team
    in the spring. He currently attends Hillsboro High School.
    Omer is also getting very good grades and his English is
    very good. He is in the IB program at Hillsboro and fluent
    in Italian as well as Arabic and Turkish. He is
    considering going into international relations, but also
    likes the idea of owning his own restaurant/hotel some day.
    He lived in Italy for a while and is quite self
    sufficient. He is great with little kids and can live
    with pets, plus doesn't smoke.

    Thanks for any assistance that you may give us. If you
    would like presentations on our AFS sending programs in the
    future, please, contact us and we will bring some of our
    thirty (30) current AFSers and our volunteers to your

    Sincerely yours,
    Jenny Myers
    Watkins College of Art & Design
    Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team Hosting
    615 383-4848