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60+ years of hosting success made AFS the best/host with AFS this fall

The Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team is currently looking for loving families who wish to share their homes with AFS high school exchange students who will be arriving in early August for the 2009-10 school year. Family applications need to be completed by July 12th for the students to all arrive on time.

Single adults, tradition and retired folks make great hosting families. In fact, most loving families make good host families. Students need love, transportation and lodging. They come with spending money and are fully medically insured.

For more details and to see bios, contact Jenny Myers, the team hosting coordinator, at [email removed]].

Currently, AFS is the world's leading exchange organization and is currently partnering with over 50 other countries. AFS has been hosting and sending exchange students and teachers for over 61 years.

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