Re: portfolio pieces from math class

    Math teachers at our school are exempt from providing
    portfolio pieces per instructions from our English
    Department. They realize that high scoring portfolio prompts
    are not effective in math classes. The head of our Math
    Department contacted our Region Service Center to get
    examples of high-scoring math portfolio pieces -- they could
    not provide ANY examples. Also, a former Writing Consultant
    from KDE stated in an in-service that math pieces would not
    score well and time would be better spent covering math
    content. I think your department would be well served to try to be
    exempt from this requirement. Difficult, I know, but why
    waste time going through motions to produce a piece that does
    not meet the requirements of a high scoring piece? I am not
    a math teacher. I can produce a reasonable portfolio piece
    in my content area. I think all content areas can except
    math. Given the requirements for tone and voice, I do not
    understand why math pieces would be appropriate.

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